What is Roomway

It is an interactive audio and video multi streaming platform that allows content creators and fans to connect on live streams.

× Interactive means that you can directly talk to your favorite creator through Roomway and interact via video call when they are live streaming.
× Is Roomway Free Yes, it is a sponsored services with has free and paid services.
× Can i Donate to Streamers Yes you can, Create a Sponsor Account go to Streamer Room Profile and Select Donate Options.
× Do i Need to signup to use roomway service No, you just need to add your name and email so you can get access.

How VideoCall Access Works

You need to request access

× How do i get access Check on Free Videocall Button on Stream Room page.
× How much time i have to wait Videocall free service is a limited access services you need to wait yout turn.
× Can i watch stream You can see on any social network where you favorite creator is live

Streamers Creator

It is advisable to use a desktop PC if you want to do live video broadcasts.

× Can i Go Live on Roomway Yes, You just Need to create an account and confirm to get full access.
× Restreaming services is Free Yes, we provide free restreaming service so you can go live to any social network.
× Why restreaming is Free These service is paid with users sponsors
× Can i have Videocall with my fans Yes, just share your link so they can request access.
× How many free users can be on videocall You can have free access to videocall for 2 devices on live, any other devices you will need balance to users able to get access.
× How do i Win Money You win Money from Donations from users and from Paid Sponsors Videocall.
× Why we Offer restreaming services Because that way you can always grown, Remeber to invite your followers to join your Vip Room, to keep these service active.

Regular Prices for subscribers

Service values charged per minute or per subscription

× One time access fee Starting at 7.99
× Vip room Access to vip room by minute fee is 1.00 USD American Dolar.
× Calls Direct call to content creator can start from 1.00 USD to 10.00 USD Minute and is not available to all.